Upcoming Releases

  • History of the Russian State, about 2,000 pages 2019, tentatively.
    Originally I had hoped to have the History published in 2015. However, I had no idea how laborious and tedious getting a second draft into final, printable form actually is. Checking, making style uniform, correcting, re-checking, placing sidebars - it's tiresome, time-consuming and not much fun. I now tentatively hope to get it publishing in 2019. 
  • Karamzin on Early Russian Law.
    During the translation of the History, a considerable amount of material relating to Russian law was excerpted. If an academic with interest and expertise can be found to provide historical context and legal commentary, a future monograph may be forthcoming, to be entitled Karamzin on Early Russian Law.

Enquiries (for orders, see our Store) may be addressed to nmkaramzin@outlook.com.