Nast, de Brutus and Shortt is the publishing site for the first English translation of N.M. Karamzin's classic 12 volume History of the Russian State and derivative publications. 

About N. M. Karamzin

Nikolai Mikhailovich Karamzin was a major Russian literary figure - a writer, poet and critic.  He was born in the province of Orenburg and when he was 14 he was sent to Moscow to an elite boarding school. In 1783, after brief service in the military, he began his literary efforts, which included some very popular, sentimental short stories. In 1803 he changed course: he was appointed historiographer to the Russian court and commenced work on his classic, monumental History of the Russian State, on which he labored until his death almost 23 years later.

"Nicholas Karamzin (1766-1826) was Russia's first professional historian. His twelve-volume History of the Russian State which came out serially between 1818 and 1829 was the first work to acquaint Russians, who had just defeated Napoleon's armies, with their traditions. It has never been translated into English. Mr. Baldwin has undertaken the formidable task of filling this gap... The translation is both accurate and fluent and should give readers a rare glimpse into Russia's remote past."
                   – Richard Pipes, Baird Professor Emeritus of History, Harvard University

About the Translator

A retired systems software programmer, Geoff Baldwin is a graduate of the Army Language School and has worked as a translator for U.S. Intelligence agencies. He holds degrees in physics and mathematics from Reed College and San Francisco State.